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5 rating

I don't think I've ever had a bad haircut here with any of the multiple stylists. I found one that I like in particular because she gets the "look" I'm going for, but everyone at this location will give you what you ask for no matter how picky or nuanced and do it with a smile. They also offer good advice when asking what you think would look good or describing the kind of haircut you would like without knowing how to articulate the finer details. Other reviewers mentioned long wait times, so I'd like to address that. It is true that if you come during peak hours and sign in at the shop you can expect to wait over an hour. However, they have absolutely no problem with you signing in and then leaving to go do some shopping. From what I've seen, the computer estimation of wait times is usually accurate within +-5 minutes. So take advantage and go do some shopping or get gas and then come back for your haircut. Also, signing in online is very helpful and works like a charm. I show up about 5 minutes before my estimated time (keep in mind you aren't making an appointment) and I never have to wait more than a few minutes. If you're worried about being late, don't. They will move on to the next person, but then call your name again when another stylist is available for quite awhile before they finally determine you aren't going to show up and remove you from the list. I always recommend this location to my friends when they ask where I got my hair cut.

1 rating

The stylists are great. They do a wonderful job. With that said, it’s usually an hour before you can get a seat. With the growth in the area there are usually 7-10 people waiting and that shouldn’t be a huge issue with 8 barber chairs available. Unfortunately, there are usually only 2 or 3 stylists working on any given day. Since there are two other places to get a haircut at Tower Point, it hardly seems necessary to wait and hour or longer for a haircut when we can eat the same cut, for a lower price, right across the parking lot. I don’t mind paying for the service (and tipping well), but I do mind wasting an hour of my time because management doesn’t want to provide enough stylists.

5 rating

I really enjoy the convenience of this location at Tower Point. Cinthia has been my stylist now for almost a year and does a great job every time. Online check-in has made this an even better experience!

Rated 3.8 out of 5.0 based on 4 Client reviews

Darin P. | April 3, 2018 Overall Experience

"I've been here many times. The service is good and people are polite. I met the owner during a rec"